"National Recruitment Action" recruits many companies to provide 20,000 jobs

Affected by the epidemic, after the Spring Festival this year, the time for companies to resume work was generally delayed, and the total number of recruits declined. Paying close attention to the impact of the epidemic on the employment situation, it made a series of important instructions on coordinating the promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and put forward clear requirements for strengthening measures to stabilize employment.

In this national recruitment campaign, the "cloud recruitment" model was launched. A total of more than 20 professional companies participated in the group, and about 20,000 positions were open to the whole society. In addition, hundreds of thousands of agents are being recruited across the country to stabilize the "jobs" of thousands of households. The data shows that the number of college graduates this year reached 8.74 million, and the increment and growth rate were both in recent years. The outbreak of the epidemic coincided with the spring recruitment period, and graduates' job search and employment were greatly affected. In order to solve the urgent needs of new students, the 2020 spring campus recruitment was launched in March, opening more than 2,000 job requirements to college students at home and abroad, covering technology, product, functional, medical, marketing, management training and other types of jobs. Types, including 2020 fresh graduate recruitment and 2021 interns reserve.