If the company fails to do these points, KPI, OKR, BSC performance tools are useless

Following the first article "Under the Current Situation, Where Are Chinese Enterprises Going?" Should entrepreneurs rethink deeply? "Not long after it was issued, the current situation of the company is not very good. Affected by the epidemic, the performance has declined seriously, and more than 2,000 employees are facing the pressure and challenge of survival.

one. The purpose of performance is to improve performance, and performance improvement is to make employees better and better.

two. The only way to improve performance is to learn, and the only way for employees to improve performance is to learn! Skills are not enough to learn skills, attitudes are not to learn attitudes, and thinking is not to learn thinking.

The vast majority of employees have insufficient skills. When the employee's ability is not enough, he will only entangle with you that the performance indicators are unreasonable, and the quantitative indicators are too high, and will not consider how to improve their skills.